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Posted at: 24 Oct 2016
High heels shoe feet pain

The podiatrist, Hillary Brenner, says that “The heel of the shoes becomes higher and higher” and we like to call them as the shoes kill the people. Ms. Brenner, the spokeswoman for the America medical association for the foot trouble, informed that the super high-heeled shoes may cause a lot of diseases from the sprain of the ankle till to the chronic pain. Let’s consider carefully about the height, designs as well as the drawbacks of the shoes nowadays. From that, you can choose suitable footwear for your walking and standing.

1. The heel of the foot has something which is convex

Both the shoes with the super high heel and the medium high heel usually can cause the inflammation, the painful tumor appearing the heel of the foot. The material of the shoes is too hard so this makes the bones get out of the shape. And some women call this the convex ball. This pressure leads to the inflation, blisters, bursitis, cholecystitis translation, or even the pain in Achilles tendon.

Solution: purchasing the better shoes, applying a cold compress or the orthopedic treatment or using the paddle inserts can reduce the pain. This ball exists forever.

2. The weird posture of the foot

The super high heel shoes will stuff the center on the ball of the foot. In this important joint, the bones of the foot border with the sesame bones, and the bones of the humans’ toes. If this force is too strong, the bones or the nerves surrounding them will be inflamed. If this condition is continuous frequently and for a long time, the telangiectasias evidence will be caused.

Solution: wearing the low-heeled shoes. When you turn into using the low-heeled shoes, you can be prevented from the problems with the foot bones. The shorter shoes you wear, the most comfortable you will feel. Ms. Brenner advises that you should choose the height of the heel is no longer than 2 inch- and even you should not wear them too much.

3. The ankle’s sprain

All of the high heel shoes can increase the risk of the sprain of your ankle. This will make the ligament become stretcher. If you suffer from the worst trouble, the ligaments can be torn.

Solution: when you have this trouble, you should fix this area or you need to have the physical therapy to treat it. The sprain or the crack can lead to chronic osteoarthritis.

4. The shoes with the pointy toes

Although all of the high heel shoes can cause the troubles, the ones with the pointy toes are especially dangerous. Ms. Brenner said to WebMD that “The weight of your body focus on this area so when walking, you feel like walking on the stilts. And the result is you find it very easy to fall and suffer the sprain.

Solution: The low and large heel shoes. This kind of shoes has the large surface so it can maintain your body in balance. This design will help you stand much more stable than using the pointy-heeled shoes. Although this shoes can put much pressure on the ball of the foot, the risk of falling because of standing will be limited.

5. The ballet shoes

Brenner compared these pretty shoes when walking on the cardboards or the carton; she said to the WebMD that these ones cannot lift up the arch. This problem makes your foot not operate in the best cases and can cause troubles for your knees, hip as well as your back. If your arch is not lifted well, the disease related from your foot like the plantar fasciitis will appear.

Solution: Insert the orthopedic things. If you like the design of the ballet shoes, the orthopedic inserts purchased at the stores may support you for the light problem. They also make your heel feel much more comfortable. These inserts can ease all of the pains in your foot and the trouble of your foot as well. The podiatrists advise you to use them in order to lift up your arch and reduce the pressure on some sensitive areas. These orthopedic tools may be very expensive but sometimes they are insured well.

6. The flip-flops

The flip-flops usually do not protect your foot very well. The risk of getting splinters or having the injuries in your foot is higher than any cases because your foot is so exposed. The people suffering from diabetes should not wear the flip-flops because the small cuts also can cause the dangerous trouble. In addition, many kinds of the flip-flops are not typical for lifting your arch. Like the ballet shoes, the flip-flops can make the plantar fasciitis become worse and lead to many problems about your knees, hip or your back.

Solution: the people suffering from diabetes should not wear the flip-flops

7. The plantar fasciitis

The band of tissue called the plantar fascia runs along the sole of your foot. This band will help your foot when walking- and can operate in the best case when your arch is in the suitable condition. On the occasion of walking in the barefoot, or wearing the flimsy and easily torn shoes, your arch can not be lifted up. That is why the plantar fascia can be overstretched, torn or get inflamed. This common disease can make you heel hurt heavily, and if you relax, this problem will be over for a short time.

Solution: wearing sandals. The sandals will be fit with your foot, as well as with the sporty design, and some kinds of the shoes like the ice skates (the high and curved sole) are used for practicing walking much. The American Fitness Association said that there is no proof for that, but maybe they have some another benefit. The thick sole will protect your foot from the land or being hurt by the glass. Ms. Brenner pointed out that “these shoes really lift up your arch well”. The foot clinic associations in the United States officially allow using some kind of these shoes.

Posted at: 11 Oct 2016
How to Get Rid of Foot Odor For Men And Women

Your feet often sweat a lot, especially when youth, stunning girls and boys wearing actually beautiful and charming shoes but they are really unpleasant stink? So how to get rid of foot odor for men and women?

Keep feet dry and ventilated

One of the best ways to prevent foot odor is always to keep your feet be dry and arid. After taking a shower, you should use the wiper to dry the feet, especially between the toes and chalk up the foot fungus infection treatment lotion to help the foot always dry as well as ventilated.

Choose the dual sports shoes with mesh design, stylized patterns or textures, airy perforated for your feet having chance to “breathe”.

Wear socks when it is necessary

Select right kind of socks: you should always choose socks that are made of natural fabrics such as cotton. If your feet tend to sweat more than normal people, you should bring an extra pair of socks and change it in mid-day

How to eliminate odors for sport shoes

– Using alcohol: spray alcohol twice into in the shoes which were foul, the bad smell immediately evaporates.

-Using tea bag: You should let a few packages of dried tea into the shoes that have “stink” or after the exercise to absorb uncomfortable odors.

-Scented Bags: put the sachet which has the effect of deodorants onto cleaned shoes.

-Salt: it is usually used to eliminate bad, fishy smell in the family. And reducing odors of shoes/slippers with salt is no exception. If your shoes are full of water and become stinky, you should try to put salt into a small casing and then put it in the shoes, don’t touch it and keep it stable over the night, tomorrow morning you will see your shoes with the sweet and pleasant smell.

-Using flour: just sprinkle the cornstarch or baby powder into your shoes to absorb the moisture. You do not need to wait until the powder is effective. You just need to put your foot on and go!

Some methods keep your feet clean and prevent bad odor

-Wash your feet daily with warm water as well as soap or antibacterial deodorant.

-Sink your feet into black tea. Put a little of black tea into boiling water, wait about 15 minutes and then add clean water to the mixture. Use this liquid to soak the feet within 30 minutes. The abundant amount of tannic acid in black tea will kill bacteria and astringent snugly pores, helps the feet sweat less.

-Warm water, salt, ginger. You use 2 liters of warm water with a small amount of salt particles, a few slices of ginger and let your foot relax for 30 minutes every day before going to bed, then wipe over it until it is parched with a soft cotton wiper, so these things steadily and constantly will help you eliminate the odor and bring in the feeling of comfort and pleasant.

Posted at: 10 Oct 2016
Wonderful advantages of foot massage contribute to heal

According to the post above, feet provide a large amount of information connecting to health. Feet are one of body parts converging blood vessels, muscles, and countless nerves most. Taking a good care of feet will bring a healthy body and long life.

Feet- the root of the body.

Legs are considered as the movable shelf of the whole body in which feet are under pressure most. Does not like any parts, feet have a heavy and important task; they sustain and endure the pressure of the entire body when we are walking, running, standing. Thus, we cannot live without feet.

According to science, every foot contains 7000 nerves and connect the reflex area with other parts of the body. Furthermore, feet have a connection with viscera. So a healthy body is influenced by the feet.

The structure of feet contains bones, muscles, blood vessels and many other verses. During time and daily activities, feet become weaker; muscles, nerves, and vessels will be expanded gradually. People rarely take care of feet except for having pain, numbness, unmovable; then they get worried and go to the hospital. So, you should observe any change that your feet get and have the suitable action.

Massaging the feet carefully could bring a healthy body.


Massage has been a popular way to fade away exhaust both in physical and mental way. But massage doesn’t stop like that; it is also a good treatment for patients. Since the ancient time, Chinese traditional medicine has gained this knowledge and developed this treatment by massage, reflexology and warming the feet.

The process of rubbing, pressing the soles of the feet directly stimulates the nerves of your body which gives you the feeling of relaxation as well as an analgesic, antispasmodic. With pressing the sole of the feet method, we can cure many symptoms such as headache, neurasthenia, depression, anxiety, worry and pain killing.

That promotes blood circulation to the heart faster and more easily. Improving the nutrient exchanges; making the muscles, bones, joints softer, supple; increasing endurance and stamina of the foot. Besides, it helps enhance resistances and combat the diseases, prolong the age and life expectancy, etc.

Soaking the feet in warm water is the daily habit before going to bed of Chinese people from the old time. Keeping the feet warm is also a way of massage which brings relaxes and a good sleep. This habit should be followed by others.

Finally, feet have a connection with the body itself and with the health. Some changes of the feet that can be recognized easily might effect to the body’s health. It is recommended to observe your feet regularly and see a doctor if something strange happens to your health. It is not difficult to take care of your feet. As they are main part under the pressure of the whole body, they should be cared for regularly. Massage or soaking in water are the most common ways, they can cure lots of symptoms and should be followed by many people.

Posted at: 08 Oct 2016
4 Tips For Choosing Perfect Summer Sandals Easily

Here are some of timely and effective recommendations that can help girls as well as women to choose the most standard-designed sandals for themselves.

1.    Girls with short legs

With girls who own modest height with short legs, the high heel sandals will of course always be the “rescued” design that is the most effective and timely. However, it is impossible for all models of high heels to fit a short leg lady, you need to know how to select the most suitable cord strap style which creates a feeling of having longer and slender legs than what you are having.

Pay more attention to types of sandals that are in black, nude, brown … these basic colors are always wonderful support for your humble feet.


2.    Girls with bandy legs

If you want to choose high heel sandals, you should absolutely avoid the one that has slender, pointed heel’s style, because the majority of the body weight will accrue on the heel, your legs have to become more curved to keep the whole body in balance.

You should only focus on selecting sandals with plane, plain shoe sole. Moreover, medium height will be more effective in the balance of your physique.

Horizontal cord straps will easily cooperate with curved legs and make it become worse, so instead of the horizontal strap, you should try to select wires that are knitted cross as X-shaped or V-shaped to remedy your weaknesses.

3.    The feet are too large and rough

Shoes with wide and big straps will definitely help you fade the feel of too husky and coarse feet; all of these blemishes will surely be overlaid by this design.

Ladies should select pairs of sandal that are medium fittable, don’t compound the rope too tight because it will cause suffocation for your own feet in your shoes.

4.    Skinny, angular feet

Like too large feet, your thin, bony feet always need the design of sandals which have wide and big straps or the ones that are decorated with big flowers to cover perfectly. Skinny, angular legs are also suitable with shoes rather than sandals so when you have intention to choose sandals, you also need to consider carefully.

Sandals which have wide and big straps or the ones that are decorated with big flowers help cover most of your instep so that it will hide skinny, slim parts of your feet.

Having skinny feet, girls shouldn’t try shoes with too high sole because the majority of the body weight will accrue on your legs and make it slimmer and skinnier, plane sandals or those having about 3-5 cm heel would be a safer option for you.

You have certainly never thought that your skinny legs will bring you great advantages instead of being a blemish when you wear sandals with even sole having the height of approximately 3-5 cm, which is called “bread” sole sandals nowadays.

You also need to remember that you should select the most monochrome and minimalist design if you do not to want to get back action by it or be paid attention to your feet.

Posted at: 05 Oct 2016
How To Maintain The Beauty Of Your Feet

It must be an enduring process within a long time in order to keep your feet perfect.

Most of women always find the useful ways to take care of their body, for the reason that they want to be more glamorous in the other’s eyes. Actually, it is not very hard for you to keep your physical presence in ideal status. It, however, takes a lot of time. Like the whole body, maintaining the ideal feet also need an elaborate and proper process for caring. The velvety, combining with the impressive shoes will totally highlight the beauty of this body part.

Therefore, the following steps can be a useful reference for you to take care of your feet.

Step 1: Getting risk of toenail polish

The very first thing you have to do is discarding your nail polish after painting a long time. The old ones will become more drained and it can totally prevent the growth of toenails. Therefore, you should frequently care for the amount of time you paint on your nail to eliminate it in time.

Step 2: Cleaning the feet.

After going out, there is a great deal of dust and harmful microorganism which totally clutch at your feet. Therefore, careful wash is extremely necessary. You can eliminate the appearance of these creatures by putting soap around the feet and washing up with water. Moreover, it is better to massage this body part through using the mix of bay-salt and tea tree oil. After 10 minutes, the smooth of your feet can entirely recover.

Step 3: Scrubbing.

It is important for you to regularly get rid of the dead skin to recreate the new ones. You should apply this process in every part of your feet.

Step 4: Healing calluses on the heel.


Skin of heel is one of the thickest and most rigid one in the human body. You, actually, cannot use the ordinary tips to discarding them. The only thing you can do is that creating the lissomness of your heel.

Create the smooth surface of this skin area by using some items specialized in massaging the heel

Another thing you should not forget is that this act need a lot of time to bring the good result. Also, you should rub your skin lightly to obstruct damages.

Step 5: Moistening.

The gentle lotion and moisturizing cream can totally protect your skin from drying out. It is much more useful for you to frequently apply them before going to bed. In addition to, do not miss the socks which totally strengthen their effectiveness on your feet. Two following steps, which are keeping the moistening lotion on this body part within ten minutes and gently rubbing them, can definitely remain the beauty of this skin area.

Step 6: Painting the toenails.

If you are interested in decorating your nails, it is nothing more wonderful than creatively painting them by many colorful polishes.

Frequently doing exercises for your feet

You should maintain your physical training process for feet every day. Applying the band aids  with the high elasticity can keep you fit and strengthen the muscles. As a result, you will definitely have the ideal feet and totally attract other’s attention.

On condition that you carry out all of six above steps, the wonderful and appealing feet absolutely belongs to you. Then, you can confidently choose all fashionable clothes without any concern about the weaknesses of your body part.

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